My chocolate green tea cheesecake brownie squares. The marbling wasn’t really a marble. Haha.

Thank u @shawlsome_bysyimz ! I like! <3

Omayyad Mosque, Damascus #throwback #prayforsyria

As the year ends, I am reminded of new beginnings.

As I move forward, I am reminded of the past.

As I look ahead, I stare at my own reflection.

I close my eyes for what I feel at this moment.

I am still who I am, sometimes happy, sad, lost, indifferent.

My positive self helps me through.

At times I can’t help but feel tired, helpless or just plain bored.

When I look at their lives and their lives,

maybe it’s not what it’s supposed to be.

I prepare myself for the reality.

Well, I have to be strong for this.

Being alone doesn’t mean I am lonely.

As long as I am happy.


Because “cronut” is trademarked! :D #homemade #crodo #dossant

Because “cronut” is trademarked! :D

That’s the truth, super like this! :D

@batteredsuitcase13 u got me into matcha kit kats! Hehe. #kitkat #japankitkat #ujimatcha

Made gyeran bbang (egg bread) today, a popular street snack in South Korea. @annanoy , is this the one u described to me??